A garden made entirely of cake!

Cake Shop In The Garden

A garden made entirely of cake, you say? Oh, yes. This is cake, but not as we know it. Yay!

Ever eaten a terracotta pot? Taken a bite out of a garden fence? Nibbled on some ivy? No? Well, now’s your chance…

For the paperback launch of THE CAKE SHOP IN THE GARDEN I’ll be unveiling the first ever garden made entirely of cake! From red velvet roses, vanilla sponge pansies to chocolate crumb borders and a rice crispy picket fence, the garden will be a lovely feast. Sound yummy?

It’s for one day only in Russell Square, London, from 12-2pm on Thursday 23 April. Bring a garden inspired cake and you could get yourself a free copy of the paperback! (While stocks last!)

I’d love you to share it with me. Coming? C : ) xx


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  1. Melanie Milligan says:

    Hello Carole: Just like to tell you that I became familiar with you through Jennifer at Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. I would like to read your books, they look like something that would appeal to me. So you can tell Jennifer, she is doing a good job spreading the word!
    Happy Easter
    Melanie Milligan

  2. Christine Austin says:


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