Best Christmas Ever!

Necklace-ReducedOh, my word, you lot have had me and Lovely Kev in bits again this morning as we’ve gone through the entries in the Best Christmas Present Ever competition. So many wonderful entries that have made us laugh and have made us cry. Who knew that there were so many Christmas babies too! Is there nothing on telly in March? And Christmas is always a terrible time to lose a loved one, so poignant. Our hearts go out to you.

It was nearly impossible to choose a short list and I’d love to be able to send you all a Christmas present. Thank you so much for taking part and sharing your personal stories.

The prize is a flower pendant on a Sterling silver chain made with pages of my novel CALLING MRS CHRISTMAS. They were commissioned from Kim Wedlock of Peaches and Pebbles who is a full-time carer for her mum. I’ve had just five made. Four were to be for prizes and one for me, but I’m going to award three prizes instead of two today as there were so many fab entries.

There will be two more up for grabs on Friday with the Worst Christmas Present Ever!

So here, with much deliberation and cogitation, are the winning entries:

Shona Scott: My best Christmas present ever was getting my final exam results just before Christmas last year, opening up a totally new future for me and my children. Closely followed by every present I give this year, bought with money I can afford to spend rather than on credit, because of the changes brought by the exam pass.

Sally Posh Bird: That crackling, time delayed phone call from Afghanistan saying thank you for the Christmas boxes and I miss you. Brings a lump to my throat when I think about it.

Tanya Morgans: The teddy bear my aunt bought for my 1st christmas, I will be 43 in Feb and can honestly say that teddy has been through all my highs and lows! And I am still known to hug it now if I am having a bad day xx

Well done, ladies! Let me have your address details at and your Christmas presents will be on their way!

Much love C : ) xx (and Lovely Kev)


Also some lovely entries that reduced us to tears and made the shortlist:

Andrea Petch: My best Christmas was 1966 when I married William on December 17th, and have had 47 wonderful Christmases since.,xx

Kayla Oliver: Telling my family I was pregnant after 7 lots of fertility treatment yay. Xx

Helen Pengelly: My best Christmas present ever is my bosses giving me and my gorgeous other half Christmas day and Boxing day off together for the first time in 7 years this year. We are both ambulance crew and this is the best present. It means that we can cook and host Christmas dinner at ours for both sets of parents who are in there late 70’s and early 80’s a precious gift for us all xxx

Shirley O’Dwyer: My best Christmas present was when I was 10, a walking, talking doll called Linda, she was the first prize in the raffle at my dads office & every time we went to dads work I used to play with her. My lovely dad died suddenly a week before Christmas & the person who won Linda in the raffle gave her to my mum to give to me for Christmas

ShaBer Moss: A silver cross given to me by my nana when I was 13 that she left under the tree for me, but couldn’t give in person, as she passed away on the 9th of December. 25 years on I remember it clearly and I’ll cherish it forever. ♡

And some ones that made us laugh outloud:

Nicky Allen:  Mine was a sandwich toaster…….it was the best and the worst! For me it was the best as I had been craving toasted sandwiches during my pregnancy but the worst as my hubby got loads of stick for buying it for me…..funnily enough I haven’t used it since my daughter was born in the january

Jennie Bjelling:  when I was 11 years old and got a jigsaw with Abba on it, I was over the moon x

Kirsty ‘Watson’ King:  My best present was a pair of oven gloves (my husband the Fire Fighter), as hubby burned my last pair and nearly burnt the house down in the process.

Maddie Elaine M: My brother never used to buy us Christmas presents, then one year he randomly arrived with a didgeridoo for me!! I still have it & I love it, but I haven’t worked out how to play it yet x

Helen Quartly:  Getting a second hand record player when I was about 10. I cried and cried I was so happy but no one in the family could get a word of sense out of me and thought I hated my present

Sorry that you just missed out on a prize, ladies. But beautiful sad and funny stories and thank you for sharing! C : ) xx

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