The Difference a Day Makes

Cover image of "The Difference a Day Makes" by Carole Matthews
You just never know what the difference a day can make.

You just never know what the difference a day can make. What would you do if your life was turned upside down and everything that you’d ever relied on was taken away from you? That’s the dilemma that faces Amy Ashurst… One day she had everything – the next it was gone. William and Amy Ashurst are typical townies, but when Will collapses on his way into work he decides to move to the country.

Three months later, Amy is standing outside Helmshill Grange, a sullen monstrosity of a house, deep in the Yorkshire moors. Within days, Will’s traded in their brand-new Audi for a clapped-out Land Rover, and brought home chickens, goats, sheep, a serial-killer cat and a mad dog.

Then tragedy strikes and Amy finds that she’s living a dream but it’s not her own…


‘We always let out a squeal of excitement when
a new Carole Matthews novel hits the shelves and,
luckily for us, this one doesn’t disappoint.

Heat Magazine

‘A sweet and heart-wrenching tale about
real love, real friendship and real life.
Keep the tissues handy.’

Heat Magazine

‘She’ll make you laugh as well as cry.’
News of the World