Welcome to the Real World

Cover image of "Welcome to the Real World" by Carole Matthews If only, in the real world, things were that simple.

Fern Kendal has the voice of an angel but, as a badly paid barmaid and pub singer, she’s going nowhere. Then she enters the TV talent show Fame Game and this could be her big break. If only, in the real world, things were that simple.
Evan David’s exquisite tones have enthralled opera buffs throughout the world. His agent, his coach, his chauffeur and his chef are just a few of those who pander to his every need. But what Evan needs now is a break – from it all. When Fern is picked to be Evan’s assistant their two worlds collide and neither one is prepared for the dramatic effect they will have on each other. For something happens when they are together – and it’s more than just music…

Welcome to the Real World is an irresistibly romantic story of what happens when two people from totally different worlds can’t help falling in love…



‘An entertaining tale with many twists, turns and misunderstandings that keep you guessing until the very end.’

‘A great romance and a delightful escape from the real world’
Woman’s Way

‘Her latest tale will have you gripped. A great summer read.’