Carole Matthews’ Day Out: or The Day I Saw My Book Being Printed

For months, Lovely Kev and Team Little, Brown have been sneaking around cooking up something very special to celebrate the launch of SUMMER DAYDREAMS – my twentieth novel!

Having spotted a day booked out in the diary, I managed to torture out of Lovely Kev where we were headed to just the night before! So early doors on friday saw us – somewhat bleary-eyed- driving across to Clay’s Printers in Bungay, Suffolk to see them printing my book. WOW!  PRINTING. MY. BOOK! And what a very fabulous experience it was.

It sounds so stupid, particularly after writing for so long, but I had no idea how a book was printed. Well that’s all change and I now know what a very complicated process it is. The lovely Production Director, Paul Bullen and Account Director, Vicky Ellis, gave us all a splendid tour of the factory. The printers was established nearly 200 years ago and has grown into a massive rabbit warren of a place over the years. It now employs 650 people who together produce 180 million books a year!

I saw the whole process from the cover being printed, laminated, embossed, collated, joined up with the inside pages, trimmed, pimped  and, finally, zooming all round the factory on the production line. The whole placed just seemed to be filled with my books! Quite a moving experience even for a long-in-the-tooth author.It was quite simply brilliant!

Then, to top it all, they gave us butties and chocolate! These people certainly know how to treat an author. I went away armed with fab souvenirs of all the different processes for my authors’ collection of memorabilia and memories of a unique day. It also made me realise that, really, as a writer I have the easy bit of the deal.

When I thought that things couldn’t possibly get any better, Lovely Kev whisked me off to Southwold, just a short drive from the printers. We had a lovely cuppa on the pier while the rain sheeted down.  But, as soon as we’d finished our brew, the sun came out and we had a lovely walk along the front admiring all the pretty beach huts. We wandered up through the little town, looking aghast at the property prices (a property porn fix too!) and wondered who would buy a one-bedroomed cottage for £285,000. Eek. To round off a perfect day we had the most excellent fish and chips and drove home tired but happy.

Big thanks to Paul, Vicky, Manpreet and Tom. And to Lovely Kev – I’m going to be checking your emails more closely now, matey.

Love C : ) xx

If you go along to my Facebook page, there’s a little photo-diary of my day.






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  1. Anonymous says:

    It must have been fantastic seeing you book getting ready to go out to the public. Am so glad another one will be son to buy s l have read all your others.
    This week l got one from a different writer and its no were as good as yours, in fact l was surprised it got printed.
    I felt very hungry reading fish and chips, its ages since l have had any, now can’t stop seeing a plate of them.

  2. Vicky B says:

    Just seen the photos on Facebook – must have been amazing for you to watch the process of production! … and I never knew they were joined two at a time to start with!

    Did you see the clock on the pier when it hit the hour? I live in Suffolk, not that far from Southwold and always enjoy watching it!

    • Carole Matthews says:

      Yes, we did. Thought Southwold was lovely. Where else would you recommend to visit in Suffolk? It’s somewhere I don’t really know… C : ) xx

  3. carol - Dizzyc says:

    How excting. Am on my way over to check out the photos.

    Congrats on your new novel


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