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Feb-comp-300Hi Guys! I’m giving away TWO of these fabulous prizes with my latest newsletter. A signed copy of both The Chocolate Lovers’ Club and The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet, a ‘Go Away I’m Reading’ mug and a pair of Thornton’s chocolate shoes! What’s not to love?  All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter before 12 April. Simples!

If you’re already signed up, then you need to read the newsletter and that tells you how you can be included. The newsletter also keeps you up to date with all my book news, events and fab competitions. Don’t miss out!

The two winners will be drawn in a random manner by Lovely Kev on 12 April.

Be lucky!

Love Carole : ) xx

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  1. Joanna Aldous says:

    Looking forward to hearing all you have to share x

  2. mrs h knight says:

    hi carole, im a massive fan of your books ,your an insperation i love your work. would also love to recieve updates on any new releases or future compertions. helen.

  3. Theresa Davie says:

    I absolutely loved “All Wrapped Up In You “.One of my favourites.Love your books.:)

  4. Love your books, “All Wrapped Up In You ” is one of my favourites. 😉

  5. Angela hills says:

    Already read some of your books, great fun

  6. What a lovely prize, I have signed up (if nothing else your newsletter will be a lovely consolation prize) and now just deciding if I should download your lovely new book or try and nip to the shop later! x

  7. Emma Miller says:

    Just started your new book and loving it!

  8. carol lee says:

    your books are great to read over and over again 🙂

  9. Emma James says:

    I loved “Summer Daydreams” , I can’t stop thinking about those handbags!!

  10. Sharon Wilton says:

    Love your books Carole” Keep up the fab work!! xx

  11. Lisa Hardy says:

    Ooh chocolate and books all in one package. What more could a girl ask for?

  12. Sarah Luke says:

    Well I’ve only read two of your books upto now ‘with or without you’ and ‘let’s meet on platform 8’ and I couldn’t put either of them down. Think I’m way behind some of your other readers as I’m trying to catch up on your previous novels before starting your newest ones. I’ve just started ‘the sweetest taboo’ and its got me gripped already. You have such a fabulous flow to your writing and grip us with amazing story lines and brilliant characters from the beginning! I’m determined to read all of your books and thankfully I have a lot to look forward to 🙂 I’ve signed upto your newsletter so any of your new releases would be lovely to receive to start next. Thank you for getting me hooked on your fabulous novels xx

  13. Claire FREWER says:

    Love chocolate so I’d love to join the club hehe

  14. Claire Elvins says:

    Finally listened to all the Audio book & read your fantastic book “A Cottage by the Sea” whilst at the seaside, well… actually in the lounge of a lovely hotel looking out to sea…I looked for Harry but couldn’t see him on the beach 😉

  15. Joan Hill says:

    Love your books! It’s a great giveaway.

  16. Lainy SMBSLT says:

    Great, done and thanks

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