Mary Berry and the World Bunting Record

Hello lovely people


I had a fabulous day at Upton House in Warwickshire last week. They’ve been doing the Knitting for Victory Guinness World Record attempt for knitted bunting. I know!

On Thursday, the lovely Mary Berry went along for the day and announced – in a typically British downpour of rain – that they had smashed the record with a total of 7.55km of stocking stitch flags! I knitted about 70 bits of bunting and many of my readers took part too. Such fun.

I also had the chance to meet Mary again and get some of her cookery books signed from my ever-growing collection. As she’s an avid reader of my books, she got a very special advance copy of my latest novel, Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses, which I really hope that she enjoys. She’s such a lovely and elegant lady – a delight to talk to.


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  1. John Jackson says:

    That would make a great novel title! I can see it now.

    “Mary Berry and the World Bunting Record.”

    A cosy crime, perhaps?? 🙂

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