My very own Chocolate Lovers’ Club and you can join too!

Choc Christmas

Ladies! Want to join my very special Chocolate Lovers’ Club and spread some chocolatey love?

To celebrate publication of my two new Chocolate Lovers’ Club novels, The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas and The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding, my publisher has created my very own Chocolate Lovers’ Club!

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you love my Chocolate Lovers’ Club books? Do you have your own Facebook or Twitter account? Do you want to win some fabulous, exclusive prizes? Then join my Club!

I’m looking for fifty fans who will help me to create a great buzzy atmosphere for the new Chocolate Lovers’ Club books. I want everyone to know about the loves and lives of Lucy, Chantal, Autumn and Nadia and what goes on in Chocolate Heaven! In return, you can join the Carole Matthews’ Chocolate Lovers’ Club. As a member, you’ll receive an official certificate, a free paperback copy of my new book, The Chocolate Lover’s Christmas (prior to official paperback publication!) and of course, that all important ingredient, chocolate!

When you become a member, there’ll be some extra great prizes that you can earn by sharing on social media. It’s as simple as that. There are three different tiers to the Club and the more you share, the more fabulous prizes you can win!

Up for grabs are an exclusive free short story from yours truly for members only, an early, signed hardback copy of my 2016 publication, The Chocolate Lover’s Wedding. You can also win enough books and chocolates to host your own Chocolate Lovers’ Club evening. Oh, and there’s a Golden Ticket in there somewhere too to unlock an especially great and unique prize! All that and more!

All the details you need to enter are here! But you only have until 30 September to become part of the club.

Join now!

Look forward to catching up with you soon. Happy chocolate eating.

C 🙂 xx

T&Cs apply. So sorry, but this is for UK readers only!

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  1. Karen says:

    Application in ! Feeling the need to go find anything chocolate or Christmassy to get in the mood already. Having read the hardback, this book and club is a must! For all avid readers and fans of all things Carole Matthews, Chocolate and Christmas, not to mention good old fashioned friendships and fun, go out and buy it today, you know you want to.

  2. Paris Baker says:

    Sounds fab, Carole! Have signed up, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed! Xxx

  3. Laura Whieldon says:

    That’s me signed up!!! What a fab idea!!
    Thank you Carole xx

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