Number Ten in the Bestseller List!

Hi Everyone!

Fantastic news! A COTTAGE BY THE SEA has gone up to number ten in the paperback bestseller list thA Cottage by the Seais week. To borrow a phrase from DALLAS –  Yeee-haaaw!

I can’t thank you enough for making this book so successful. I’ve had great reviews and coverage. And you’ve all fallen just a little bit in love with Noah!

My publishers have done a great job with cover, sell-in and marketing. So, all-in-all, I’m a very happy bunny.

But couldn’t do it without my lovely readers. You’re the reason why I have this great job.

Thanks so much! Much love C : ) xx

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  1. sandie says:

    Saturday 13/04013 Invercargill New Zealand I have just finished A Cottage by the Sea and wanted to say thank you for yet another wonderfull story.(yes I did fall for Noah).I really enjoyed the story and loved the way you weave the scenery into what is happening with the characters.
    I dont usually like follow up books but I would love to know what happens next to this lot!!

    Thanks again, Sandie

  2. Janet Starkings says:

    Nearly at the end of Cottage by the Sea and have absolutely loved it.I am quite sad that it’s coming to an end but I’m sure your next one will be equally great.x

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