Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses out in Paperback!

Hello lovelies!

Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses, my 29th novel, is out in paperback this week! You can’t believe how important it is to me that this novel does well, so it would be lovely if you can share, review and tell your friend if you enjoy it! I’d love to see it shooting up the bestseller charts. Love C : ) xx

Get your copy of Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses now! 

Here’s what some of my fellow authors are saying:

Katie Fforde
Another gorgeous novel that will delight Carole’s current fans and create new ones.

Milly Johnson

Carole is incapable of writing a book that doesn’t put me through the full spectrum of emotion.

Jean Fullerton
I sat up two nights until past midnight because I just had to see what happened next.

Cathy Bramley
I loved Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses.  I laughed and cried and marvelled at your story telling.

Alexandra Brown
Beautiful book, made my heart sing when I really needed a lift.

Lizzie Lamb
This is Carole’s 29th novel and her skill as a storyteller shines bright on every page.


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  1. Joyce pannell says:

    Loved it, completely lost my self in it.

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