Putting on The Ritz

Lovely Kev and I recently took a sumptuous romantic break (research trip!) to the world-renowned hotel, The Ritz, in London. This is what I learned… C : ) xx

1.  Everyone at The Ritz is called Sebastian.

2. The Rivoli bar is decorated in a style that Bet Lynch would approve of.

3. The Ritz 100 cocktail is £22.00 per (very small) glass and tastes utterly delicious.

4. Here is the recipe:

2.5cl Gold-infused Ketel One Vodka

1 cl Grand Marnier

Dash Creme de Peche or Peach Schapps


one cube of brown sugar to drop in glass when served.

5. Ketel One Gold Infused Vodka is currently on offer in ASDA for £15 per litre.

6. There are 12 different types of pillow on the ‘Pillow Menu’.

7. Wifi access is £26 for 24 hours.

8. The majority of people staying there are Russian mafia.

9. Every time you go back to your room the jewellery shopping channel has been turned on.

10. Highgrove body lotion makes your legs itch.

11. Rita Hayworth stayed at The Ritz in 1948.

12. If you give a man three glasses of champagne before you go shopping you can buy anything you like.

13.They serve afternoon tea from11.30 in the morning until 7.30 at night.

14. You must do a weightlifting course before you visit so that you can open the curtains.

15. The Ritz was originally going to be called The Travelodge.


Quite possibly the best hotel in the world:  The Ritz Hotel


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  1. Anglewis2007@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Wow Carole glad u and kev had a great time
    But funny the things u said about the ritz
    I think the wifi is disgusting price though x

  2. Christine Johnston says:

    Carole you work so hard to make sure your books are factually correct and we love you for it. It really is a tough gig being a writer 😉

  3. Rebecca Carey says:

    Love it….

  4. Denise Thomas says:

    Hi, Only just read this. we stayed at the Ritz in October for my birthday last October. My husband had booked a suite so really pushed the boat out. When we arrived we were asked to wait in a courtesy room as our room was not quite read. We had complimentary drinks and sandwiches (really nice!) and then when we were taken to our room there was a birthday cake there for me, a card and a bottle of champagne.
    Yeah! that’s the way to spend your birthday.
    We went in the Rivoli bar as well and were sat at the next but one table to Joan Rivers and her companion. I have to agree with you about the body lotion but the rest of the freebies were lovely. I sneaked some shampoo and conditioner home for my young grandaughter and she loved it. Prince Charles seems to do o.k. with his Highgrove bathroom items and we got an e-mail from the Ritz at Christmas inviting us to go and view Highgrove Christmas Hamper selection, very kind of them and I am sure they are lovely but I will stick to Morrisons.

    • Carole Matthews says:

      Glad you had a lovely time. I’m now feeling hard done by that I haven’t got an invitation to view Charles’ hamper… C : ) xx

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