Stained Glass Cake Decorating

IMG_6709Hi Gang – I had a great day yesterday at the V&A Museum in London doing this fabulous course on cake decorating. It was designed by two lovely ladies, Christina and Valeri at Queen of Heart Couture Cakes.

Had a slightly stressy start to the day when I discovered that all trains to London were cancelled due to engineering works. Thanks, London Midland! So Lovely Kev to the rescue and we jumped in the car and headed to London via the miracle of the M1.

My cake day started with a tour of the stained glass gallery at the V&A – which was interesting, but I just wanted to be icing cakes!

cake-6The process isn’t difficult, just requires a bit of forward thinking and it’s only when you’ve completed one cake that it clicks into place. Everything has to be painted first – flowers, petals, details and the background. All then has to be outlined in black buttercream which takes a steady hand. By the time we were doing this my shoulders had seized and my icing is a bit wobblier than I’d like but I was really pleased with the results. Not bad for a first go. And its only right at the end can you tell how it’s going to look.

It was a great day and the Queen of Hearts ladies were lovely. This cake takes them about 3 days to do and cost about £1700 to buy. Wowsers. But it really is a work of art.

There are more photos on my Facebook page.  Here’s the link to the Queen of Hearts website to look at more of their incredible cakes!

C : ) xx


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  1. Christine Johnston says:

    You do find interesting things to do with your leisuretime Carole and your end result is amazing. x

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