Sunshine with a Chance of Snow

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to let you know that SunshineWithchanceofSnow2my new short story especially for the Summer, SUNSHINE WITH A CHANCE OF SNOW is available to download from today.

It’s going to be free for a limited period and I don’t want to you to miss it, so make sure that you order your copy now.

If you have friends who haven’t read any of my stories, then this would be a great one to share with them.

“Beth and Michael have worked hard all their married life to give their children everything they want. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it. Now, as Beth enjoys quality time with her family on their beach holiday, she knows she has a lot to be thankful for. But it’s not until she’s faced with her biggest challenge yet that Beth really begins to understand how lucky she is. “

In this ebook exclusive short story, Carole Matthews will transport you to a world filled with love, family and sunshine. So put your feet up, stick the kettle on and indulge yourself for just twenty minutes.

Also includes the first three chapters from the Top Ten bestseller A Cottage by the Sea.

If you don’t have a digital ebook reader, you can download the Kindle app from Amazon free of charge for a laptop, computer or mobile phone and also the ibooks App is available too. This story is available worldwide and is also on Nook, Kobo and ibooks.

To download your copy of SUNSHINE WITH A CHANCE OF SNOW Click here

Lots of love and happy reading. C : ) xx

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  1. Gwyneth Johns says:

    Never read your books before but i bought A Cottage by the Sea in the airport and took it on hols brilliant made all the more so as i live in Pembrokeshire and know all the places you wrote about in your book i will be starting to read all you have wrote so far. Thanks very much

  2. caroline bygrave says:

    I was hoping to find the short story that follows the book all wrapped up, can you tell me how i go about getting it?
    Thank You
    Caroline Bygrave

  3. ze tilley says:

    Hi Carole…

    I’m reading ‘Summer Daydreams’ at the moment…i can’t put it down 🙂 loving it.Also read ‘All Wrapped Up’ & ‘A Cottage By The Sea’…both fantastic books which again i could’nt put down.Looking forward to reading your new book ‘Sunshine With A Chance Of Snow’ 🙂 keep up the good work are amazing 🙂 xxx

  4. Jo H says:

    Carole, is there anywhere else I can get this short story? I love your books but Amazon tells me that
    “this title is not available for you.

    Due to copyright restrictions, the Kindle title you’re trying to purchase is not available in your country: Belgium”


    • Carole Matthews says:

      It’s available worldwide, so it depends where your Kindle is registered. You might need to go to the USA site if it’s the UK one that you’ve tried? C : ) xx

  5. Pam Smith says:

    Going to have a look at down loading your short story, thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I know it will be good as I have read everyone of your books so far and NEVER been disappointed. You are one of several authors that I read that make their books, unputdownable if their is such a word. Have a great holiday.

  6. Linda Birch says:

    Indulged in my first Carole Matthews book a short while ago – ‘A Cottage by the Sea’. I was instantly hooked! I particularly appreciated the setting, having had many a holiday in Pembrokeshire. I’m now reading ‘Summer Daydreams’. You can certainly add me to your fan list! Many thanks! Linda

  7. thelma says:

    I have just read Cottage By The Sea, really lovely book, didn’t want to come to the end. I always enjoy your books Carole, so please keep them coming. Many Thanks

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