Ten Things I Learned in Brumingham

I recently had the most wonderful trip to the lovely city of Brumingham. Had forgotten what a great place it is. Here are ten things that I learned:

1.  They have award winning, world reknowned sausages.s

2.  Someone told me that Jason Donovan was staying in my hotel, but I didn’t see him.

3.  The Grand Union canal passes through Brumingham on its way to somewhere else.

4. If someone tells you it’s a five minute walk, then leave yourself forty-five.

5.  The new library is a bit like an airport departure lounge. (Not a business class one.)

6.  The indie combo Vampire Weekend give excellent concert.

7.  I was a day too early for the Christmas market.

8.  The Bullring is not actually a bullring at all, but it has totally brilliant shopping.

9. The Hotel La Tour have the most excellent afternoon tea. £19.95 per head. Bargainous!

10. I’m afraid, London, you are just a little bit last year.

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  1. As a born-and-bred Brummie bab myself (although now, sadly, residing elsewhere), I can agree with all of this! Thank you, Carole, for bringing our wonderful, undervalued SECOND CITY to the attention of the masses! It’s great, especially now they’ve ‘done it up’ and the Christmas market is well worth a visit. You’d swear you were in Germany!

  2. Shirley Luxon says:

    Off to Birmingham with my gorgeous 15 year old daughter next month for Clothes Show Live- shopping Paradise! I’m a regular visitor as my brother and his family now live there. Both myself and my daughter prefer this city to London for shopping especially at Christmas as the German market is fab! If you have never been you will not be disappointed.

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