Tesco and Calling Mrs Christmas Win Christmas Comp – The Winner!

Calling Mrs Christmas - paperbackA big thank you to everyone who took the time to tell me their favourite things about Christmas. The prize, in conjunction with Tesco, was £500 to put towards your own Christmas. There were over two thousand entries! Oh, my word.

It was a really hard decision as there were some fabulous entries. But, finally, here’s the lucky winner. Congratulations to Angela Lindsay, who gave us a really lovely snapshot of her family’s Christmas. Hope you have fun spending your prize money, Angela, and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Merry Christmas. Carole : ) xx


From being a little girl I have always loved Christmas. The anticipation and excitement, it’s only now that I fully appreciate how hard my mum and dad worked to make it special. My dad worked overtime to buy me an extra special gift. My parents may not have had stacks of money but they made it special and we were rich as we had each other.

Fifteen years ago this year I had my son on 22nd December, perfect for me a Christmas baby, who at 5 weeks early was in hospital for his first Christmas. This was different but absolutely perfect for one year!

As a family we have created our own happy memories and traditions.
For me Christmas starts in October as the first songs start to play in shops and Christmas novels hit the shelves in Tesco, I’m normally on my third by December – just to get me in the festive mood!
I get giddy when my local Tesco opens up the “Christmas aisle” (I’m sure they call it Seasonal but to me it’s the Christmas aisle). My husband laughs at me, my son rolls his eyes, well he is a teenager!

I love buying cards and presents for my family and friends, and since my son was little we’ve done a shoebox and supported the “Giving Tree” in Barnsley, where you buy a gift for the local women and children’s shelter. I’ve always tried to make my son aware that we may not have a lot but there are many who are less fortunate.

I love putting up the trees (not taking them down), to say I live in a terraced house and I have 4 trees I think you’ll get the picture just how much I love Christmas! The main tree for the living room didn’t look big in the garden centre but when we got it home we realised just how big it is, we laugh (well I do, my husband groans) every year when we start to put it together. Beautiful!!

I adore Christmas Eve, the anticipation and warm fuzzy feeling inside. The shops close and what’s done is done, brilliant! Curtains closed, naff TV on, and a mince pie and glass of milk out for the big man (I know, I know my son is nearly 15 but I love it!)

Christmas Day arrives and it is a day spent with my family, creating happy memories that will live on for a lifetime in my mind. Good food, good wine, and good memories! I may not have loads of money but I am still as rich as I was when I was a little girl because I have my family around me at Christmas and I wouldn’t swap it for the world!


Angela Lindsay

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  1. Puri Family says:

    Hiya I am realky impreessed by this carole matthews website in honor of writing so much , I am uusually pessimistic about reading this time of year but it has chheered me jolly well up. Got to say thank you very grateful for putting me in reading mode, ta taa.

  2. Chris Plant says:

    I absolutely love your Christmas books. Am just reading Calling Mrs Christmas. Such a super feel good factor read which brings back the magic of Christmas I must explore all your books as only just discovered you. Thank you for bringing the sparkle back to Christmas!!

  3. Sarah Barnett says:

    I have just read “calling Mrs Christmas” which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    I saw your new book “no place to call home” was released on 9/1/14 and thought I would buy it for a birthday treat. I have contacted my local Waterstones and WH Smiths and they don’t stock it and don’t think they will be stocking it! I could buy it from Amazon (may not get there in time/extra postage cost) or the Kindle edition (prefer reading a proper book).
    Please can you let me know of any stockists in Bristol or surrounding areas.


    • Carole Matthews says:

      Hi Sarah – I’m afraid that most bookstores only stock a small number of hardbacks now. They were a bit naughty though as both are able to order for you and that usually takes 2 days. Unfortunately, Amazon is your best bet for the hardback. The paperback will be out in April. C : ) xx

  4. Jenny Bates says:

    Dear Carole I have just finished reading your amazing book Wrapped up in You, I just couldn’t put it down. What an amazing story, I wanted it to be a true story, can you imagine how fantastic that would have been.? I have read lots of your books but this one is really special. Please could you send me the code to be able to find out more about Janie and Dominic.

    In anticipation I’d like to thank you

    Jenny Bates

    • Carole Matthews says:

      Hi Jenny – you just need to go to the Wrapped Up in You page on my website and it’s there to download. Enjoy! C : ) xx

  5. Ingrid Schwaller says:

    Hi Carol, I just finished your book “Calling Mrs. Christmas” and I just loved it — even though it made me cry at times and I’ve a pretty bad headache now… 😉
    I do hope that you’ll consider doing another story on the further lives of the characters in this book. I’m sure you’ll be able to think of a lot to tell. There are so many threads left hanging — are Cassie and Jim going to marry and have a baby, what happens to Carter and Tamara and their children, what happens to the Smudge and Rozzer, etc.
    In any case, I’ll be sure to read some of your other books.
    All the best, Ingrid (Vienna, Austria)

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