The Cake Shop in the Garden

To celebrate the launch of The Cake Shop in the Garden, there was a fabulous party in London’s Russell Cake Shop In The GardenSquare – an entirely edible garden! Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a special event. We had nearly a thousand people drop by and even the sun was out in force!

If you couldn’t make it, here’s a little taster.

I think this is my best book so far and I really hope that you enjoy it.


The Cake Shop in the Garden – out now!

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  1. Gracie says:

    Loved Loved Loved this book. Yet again your books warm my heart!!! Fabulous read….your brilliant!!!!!!
    Thank You xox
    p.s. Will there be a follow on story of Danny & Fay’s canal trip, & how did Lija get on in her new abode..& Stan….is he “medalling” around with the Angels…….oh my questions could go on. BRILLIANT read!! Love to know if theres a follow on book.

  2. Sue Mcintosh says:

    “The cake shop in the Garden”
    Enjoyed this book so so much,would love it if there was a sequel……

  3. Tracey says:

    Just finished ‘The Cake Shop in the Garden’ – fabulous summer read!!! There must be a sequel as so many unfinished stories to follow. Please make this possible for us to enjoy!!!!

  4. Betty says:

    Never before have I been so immersed in a book. Absolutely loved it . Please, please write a sequel.

  5. Cindy Hewitt says:

    Ooh, I really want to know what happens next to all the characters in this book! I loved it 🙂

  6. Emily says:

    My friends and I have just read this book as the first one in our new book club. We all really enjoyed it and have our own ideas about what danny looks like !

  7. Liz says:

    Is this the same book as The canalside cakeshop? First 3 chapters at the end of The Christmas party?

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