The Chocolate Lovers’ Club Continues!

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Ladies! Want to join my very special Chocolate Lovers’ Club and spread some chocolatey love?

With the publication of The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding, my very own Chocolate Lovers’ Club continues. Yay!

Last year  when my publisher created my Chocolate Lovers’ Club and we had some great fun letting people know about my books.
Now I’m delighted to let you know that another twenty readers have the chance to join!

I’m looking for fans who will help me to create a great buzzy atmosphere for the new Chocolate Lovers’ Club books. I want everyone to know about the loves and lives of Lucy, Chantal, Autumn and Nadia and what goes on in Chocolate Heaven! In return, you can join the Carole Matthews’ Chocolate Lovers’ Club.

When you become a member, there’ll be some great prizes that you can earn by sharing on social media. It’s as simple as that.

Fancy joining the Club and becoming one with Lucy, Chantal, Autumn, Nadia and, of course, me?

For the chance to be part of the Carole Matthews’ Chocolate Lovers’ Club click here and find out how.

Be quick though. Entries need to be in by midnight on Sunday 24th January 2016.

C : ) xx #chocolateloverswedding


PS:  All this fabulousness is going to be organized by my lovely publishing team so, if you have any questions about the Carole Matthews’ Chocolate Lovers’ Club, please


*So sorry but this is for UK readers only. C : ( xx*

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  1. Teresa Green says:

    I would so love to be a member of the chocolate lovers club, and receive some gorgeous goodies!!

  2. Mo Fenton says:

    Ooh I would love to become a member of the Chocolate Lovers Club, and be able to share the joy around! xx

  3. Suzanne Allen says:

    Ooooooh no ones chocolate – like me !!!- I would love to be a member.

  4. Julie Todd says:

    Oh Dear no Chocolate Lovers Club for Kiwis! I do hope there are going to be more books? The characters are getting better and better.

    • Carole Matthews says:

      Thanks, Julie. The logistics of the postal system were just too tricky to overcome. Maybe more books to come! C : ) xx

  5. Vikki Turner says:

    I have just this minute finished reading The Chocolate Lovers Christmas through teary eyes! I have bought The Chocolate Lovers Wedding which I am reluctant to read ….. Purely because I don’t want these ladies to leave my life! I love them. Will you be writing another Carole?
    Thank you for your Chocolate stories so far 🙂
    V. Xx

  6. Christina millington says:

    Pleas please tell me there is another book on the horizon??? Maybe ‘the reunion’ !!! Would love to find out how Nadia and James are doing?? How married life is treating Lucy, is there any baby news for autumn and has chantal fully recovered??? So much still to find out…. Surely!!! Love Christina x

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