The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding Paperback!

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Hurrah! My advance copies of The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding have arrived today and very fine they look too. This is the fourth in the Chocolate Lovers’ series and is out in paperback on 21 April.

It’s already out in ebook and hardback and my readers are loving it! If you haven’t met these ladies yet, then I hope you will. If you’re already enjoying the series then you’ll look forward to meeting old friends.

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The ladies of The Chocolate Lovers’ Club should be gearing up for the wedding of the year but life keeps getting in the way . . .

Lucy is worried about her financial situation and it keeps distracting her. Should she accept an offer of help from an untrustworthy source?

Nadia may have a real chance at finding love but other areas of her life aren’t so rosy. Something needs to change – but what?

Autumn can’t wait to meet someone she hasn’t seen in a very long time. She’s full of hope for the future but then things don’t exactly go to plan . . .

Chantal has been through so much and she’s finally starting to feel settled. The last thing she needs is the kind of bad news that could change her life all over again.

And yet, despite all the ups and downs, the Chocolate Lovers’ ladies know they can get through it all as long as they have each other. They’re not going to let anything get in the way of their happy-ever-afters in . . . The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding.

What my readers are saying:

I’m a Carole Matthews addict! (Mary Berry)

Fabulously enjoyable . . . full of heart and fun (Milly Johnson)

A wonderful story of friendship and romance (Katie Fforde)

Simply brilliant (Closer)

The perfect escape (Woman)


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