The Great British Bake Off is back!

P1070158To celebrate the return of The Great British Bake Off, here’s my recipe for a delicious Pistachio Rocky Road. I’ve made some for snacking during Bake Off as it always makes me want cake! Enjoy. C : ) xx

Pistachio Rocky Road


200g unsalted butter, chopped

400g plain chocolate, chopped

6 tbsp golden syrup

250g rich tea or digestive biscuits, broken into small pieces

75g peeled pistachios, chopped

150g roasted hazlenuts, chopped

90g small pink and white marshmallows


Line a 20cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper.

Melt butter, chocolate and golden syrup together in a glass bowl over a pan of gently simmering water. Stir together.

Mix broken biscuits, chopped nuts and marshmallows. Combine with the chocolate mixture.

Pour into the prepared tin and press down using a wooden spoon or spatula. Chill in the fridge until firm.

Cut into 2cm pieces.

Simples! Enjoy!

Love Carole  : ) xx


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  1. Linda Whale says:

    Sounds & looks delicious Carole! Must try this sometime soon. Thank you x

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