Things I learned in Derbyshire

Things I learned in Derbyshire:

1. The Peak District is a lot hillier than the Costa del Keynes.

2. It is also a lot colder.

3. I should have left the six pairs of shoes at home and taken six jumpers instead.

4. Kedleston Hall, Lyme Park and Hardwick Hall are all very impressive National Trust properties.

5.  Lyme Park is where Pride and Prejudice was filmed and it was where Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) emerged dripping from the lake. But they have nothing in the house about it AT ALL!

6. Bess of Hardwick was a tough old boot and I’ll now have to read Philippa Gregory’s excellent novel ‘The Other Queen’ again.

7. A Derbyshire oatcake is exactly like a pancake but oaty.

8. Buxton is a very nice town.

9. Even though there are a lot of sheep, lamb is still expensive.

10. The lady at the B&B thinks that we broke her door lock but we really didn’t.

11. Badedas bath foam is still alive and well. But, despite the hype, NOTHING HAPPENS after it.

12. I thought I had once been to Blue John Cavern when, in fact, I had been to Speedwell Cavern. (Easy mistake to make – a cave is a cave is a cave!)

13. A long time ago, the village of Eyam took the selfless decision to quarantine themselves so that they would not spread the bubonic plague to the surrounding area even though it doomed their own village.

14. It is impossible to sleep if there is a ghostly presence watching you from an armchair in your room.

15. It is entirely possible to have a lot of fun with just sixteen people in a library on a Tuesday night. Thank you, Buxton.


Love C : ) xx

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  1. Clare F says:

    Found no 3 most amusing and most of the others informative. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Sinead Baker says:

    Excellent!! Made me giggle and also want to visit Derbyshire more. Thanks Carole 🙂 xx

  3. Sheila Kirkman says:

    Agree with all the above. I live virtually on the doorstep opf Lyme Park and I too have issues with the way it is run. Needless to say 50% of the managing is by S.M.B.C. so need I say more. It is a beautiful historical hall and gardens and they do nothing with it.The other places you have visited are truely fascinating and yes you do need sweaters and in the winter skis are a pretty good idea..

  4. Jane says:

    I’m gutted to learn you’ve been to Hardwick Hall (just up the road from me) and I didn’t know. You could’ve called in for a cuppa! Hardy folk we Derbyshirites are – not sure if that is an actual word, but it works for me! Glad you enjoyed your visit and come back soon.

  5. dianne davis says:

    Ilove derbyshire we are off in 6 weeks to stay in lovely bungalow in matlock went last year loved it weather was great huge enclosed garden for my 2 lovely bichons love chatsworth you can take dogs round garden bakewell nice as well got nice book at lyme park about pride and pred cut out nice pics of darcey on my dressing room wall ha ha x

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