Things I Learned in Iceland (the country not the shop)

IMG_7146Just back from a fabulous week on holiday in Iceland. Stunning scenery, ruinously expensive. We did a trip of 2500 km around the island. If you’re going to go, make sure you take out a second mortgage or win the lottery before you do. Here are the things I learned. C : ) xx


1. Iceland has day trolls, night trolls and internet trolls.

2. Night trolls are turned to stone if the daylight falls on them, but I can’t remember the fate of day trolls.

3. The Museum of the Penis is in Reykjavik, but it was closed.

4. There are 13 Father Christmasses.

5. To receive a present from Father Christmas the children must leave a shoe on the windowsill. If they’ve been naughty they get a raw potato.

6. Arctic Char is remarkably like salmon.

7. There are 24 different ways of saying horse.

8. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is £8 a tub.

9. Iceland is twice the size of Wales yet only 320,ooo people live there.

10 Two- thirds of those people live in Reykjavik.

11. All showers are supplied by geo-thermal bore holes which means they smell of rotten eggs.

12. There is 24 hour daylight in July and August, yet some of the hotels don’t have curtains in their rooms.

13. They pay 47% tax on earnings over £1000 a month and VAT is 25.5% on everything.

14. Soup, a sandwich and 2 cups of tea costs about £24.00.

15. Game of Thrones is filmed in Iceland.

16. No one in Iceland likes Tom Cruise but they all love Russell Crowe.

17. A traditional Icelandic dessert is cream cake, which is… er… cake and cream.

18. If all the ice in Iceland melted it would raise the sea level around the world by 9mm.

19. There are no polar bears in Iceland, but sometimes they swim there from Greenland.

20. Icelandic jumpers are very itchy.

21. 95% of the population of Iceland watch the Eurovision Song Contest.

22. The names of places in Iceland are totally unpronouncable.

23. Visiting the Blue Lagoon is one of the world’s least relaxing experiences.

24. The troublesome Eyjafjallajokull volcano is very pretty.

25. It is called Iceland because it is very, very cold.


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