Things I Learned in Sri Lanka

Have just returned from a lovely trip to Sri Lanka. This is what I found out…

1.  They make brilliant tea and understand the whole concept of boiling the water.

2.  If on a menu it says ‘mild’, you know that it will blow your head off.

3.  If they say a dish doesn’t contain seafood it means that it only contains a bit of seafood. Well, not a huge amount.

4.  The people probably even smile in their sleep

5. All the best 1970’s biscuits have moved to Sri Lanka – lemon puffs, ginger snaps, coconut nice.

6.  Sri Lankan schoolchildren find blonde hair hilarious.

7.  No one in Sri Lanka can drive properly.

8.  Nasi Goreng is very boring after the first four days.

9.  If you tire of rice there is always omlette and chips.

10. A bed with sheets and blankets is one of the most uncomfortable things in the world.

11. 50% Deet dissolves nail polish.

12. The local ‘whiskey’ is Arrack.

13. Every time you see an elephant Arrack and coke should be drunk.

14. The Fa Hsien suite in the Lighthouse Hotel, Galle – designed by renowned Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa – is the nicest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in.

15. A leopard is a rare thing to see and I saw two at Yala National Park.

16. If any dish has the word ‘devilled’ in it, your lips and ears will melt.

17. Nippolac is a truly terrible brand name for paint

18. To watch a blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet, from six feet away is a truly amazing thing.

19. In the hotels all the lovely bottles marked shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bath foam and body lotion will all contain exactly the same thing.

20. Sri Lankan cling film is a lot stickier than ours.

21. Visiting the chaotic scrum that is the sacred Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is the least spiritual experience I’ve ever had.

22. Every other shop is a car repair business and with good reason.

23. There are more kingfishers in Sri Lanka than you can shake a stick at.

24. It is entirely possible to burn yourself to a crisp while lying in the shade.

25. Bohoma stuti means ‘thank you very much’.

If you go to my Facebook page there are some lovely pics of my trip on there!  C : ) xx





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  1. Lynda Renham-Cook says:

    Yes, very like Cambodia. You have whetted my appetite.

  2. Rhoda Baxter says:

    I grew up in Sri Lanka. The Lighthouse is just GORGEOUS, as is the beach next to it.
    You forgot – a shake of the head means ‘okay’. Or ‘no’. You have to be Sri Lankan to tell the difference. (It drives my husband mad trying to work it out. He usually ends up asking me if it’s a yes or a no shake)

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